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Auvolter 31M-960 Marine Battery

  • Vibration-resistant, stable, high-performance maintenance-free design, durable, worry-free long-distance transportation
  • Stamping multi-element lead-calcium-tin alloy grid, corrosion resistance, less water loss, prolonging the deep cycle life of the battery
  • Unique case structure, spill-proof construction, anti-acid mist escape, explosion-proof and etc
  • Using high-conductivity lead alloy casting and welding, through-wall welding technology, optimal starting power, good discharge performance
  • Tight assembly pressure design structure: During the charging and discharging process of the battery, the life attenuation caused by the expansion of the positive plate and the falling off of the lead paste is slowed down, longer battery life
Battery dimensions331.5x172x221.5mm(13.05 ×6.77×8.72 inches)
Weight32.0kg (70.55lbs) ± 3%
Reserve capacity at 25A480 min
Self-Discharge 25°C Capacity<8%(Storage for 90 days)
Charge (Costant Voltage 25°C)Charge(Max.60Amp. 14.4 – 14.8 Volt)
Charge (Costant Voltage 25°C)Float(Volt 13.6 – 13.8V)