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Auvolter HD4D-1120 Dual Purpose Heavy Duty AGM Battery

  • Ultra-low internal resistance separator to reduce battery self-discharge
  • Strongest starting burst, low temperature, or low state of charge can still start the engine
  • Stamping multi-element lead-calcium-tin alloy grid, corrosion resistance, less water loss, prolonging the service life of the battery in a high-temperature environment
  • Unique sealing structure design minimizes water loss and prolongs battery life
  • Using high conductive lead alloy casting and welding, through-wall welding technology, high current starting performance is good
Rated voltage(V)12V
Rated Capacity(20hr to10.5V)180Ah @25℃(77°F)
WeightApprox 50.5Kg(110.21Ibs)
CCA @25℃(77°F)1120A@25℃(77°F)
Reserve capacity(25A,10.5V)390min @25℃(77°F)
Range of working temperature-20℃~60℃(-22°F~158°F)
Acceptable charging current0~54A
Recycle charging voltage14.5V~15.0V@25℃(77°F)
Self-discharge@25℃(77°F)<8%(Storage for 90 days)
Case materialHigh-temperature resistant PP material
Terminal typeTapered Terminals( Left Negative, Right Positive)