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Rejected batteries Have Become A Hot Commodity, And These 3 Components Are More Expensive Than The Whole Vehicle

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It’s not worth it for no benefit. The battery can be exchanged for more than 200, but it is not worth 150 when sold directly. It can be seen that there are too many doorways in the middle, which also reminds us that car owners must be cautious when replacing the battery!
My neighbor’s elder brother works in a material energy company, he said that one of them is responsible for the assessment and classification of all kinds of old batteries, mainly the company’s recycling of all kinds of batteries according to the requirements of a good assessment of the battery grade, for example, electric car batteries are generally lead-acid batteries, the value of such recycling are higher.

After a comprehensive review of the remaining energy consumption of the battery, many lead-acid batteries are not very high degree of sulphation, these batteries are bought by some other small workshops, small factories are basically “secondary processing”, most of the remaining sent to the counterpart of the environmental protection company for discharge, dismantling treatment.

The value of used batteries 1: recycling lead

For lead-acid batteries, the main thing is the lead plate, because the main body of the plate is lead, that is to say, the core value of lead-acid batteries is lead, take a group of 4 lead-acid batteries, according to 20 kilograms, the quality of lead accounted for more than half, at least in more than 10 kilograms is lead, the current lead recycling price roughly according to 15 yuan/kg to calculate, then a second-hand lead-acid battery can be worth at least more than 150 yuan.

The Value of Used Batteries 2: Refurbished

As mentioned above, when the remaining energy of the lead-acid battery is still large, it is directly sold to some small factories. Lead-acid batteries generally have problems due to insufficient charging or long-term storage in a power-depleted state. In this way, a layer of white crystalline lead sulfate will gradually form on the plate. When recharging, it is difficult to dissolve and restore these sulfided crystals, which will slowly lead to a decrease in battery capacity, and some will affect the positive and negative currents.
These problems are dealt with through the “expertise” of small factories such as distilled water rinsing, adding distilled water, recharging, polishing the positive and negative contacts, polishing, printing, and so on, and then a new battery is reassembled and returned to many owners’ cars through various channels.
Many electric car repair shops, playing the old battery for new battery activities, they earn both ends, the old battery to earn part of the money, and some unscrupulous businessmen even change the new battery are refurbished second-hand batteries, so that is the profit on Gali. The unscrupulous businessmen are taking advantage of the psychology that many car owners do not know and cannot easily identify second-hand batteries.

The value of used batteries 3: Environmental Protection + Access to Subsidies

We all know that the vast majority of batteries are dangerous, such as zinc-manganese batteries Zinc-manganese dry batteries, which contain mercury, acid, alkali and other electrolyte solutions that may affect health and also cause pollution to the environment when they are not disposed of properly.
Like the lead-acid batteries in our cars, which are by far the most widely produced and used type of battery in the world, the heavy metal lead and electrolyte solution in them are polluting and have an effect on the human body. It is therefore beneficial to recycle these batteries!

For this type of battery recycling, there are subsidies in various regions at different times, and this is one of the profit points for many environmental companies.

What are the potential dangers of used or modified batteries?

The first kind, is the old battery refurbishment. Generally speaking, after using a new battery for more than 2 years, the battery will slowly age, and the internal performance of various materials will gradually deteriorate, which may lead to charging overload, which is a great hidden danger, some batteries after two or three years of use, there may be positive and negative electrode isolation film, thus generating gas or change, which is likely to lead to short circuit, the battery short circuit is likely to occur spontaneous combustion this kind of situation, its harm The dangers are self-explanatory.

The second type, is a modified battery to achieve increased capacity. Because we all know that the new car battery full of general can only run forty to fifty kilometers, for many delivery boys, only a battery is far from supporting a day’s journey, many unscrupulous businessmen to see the delivery boys this market, will modify the battery capacity, so as to increase the range, but after this modification, the battery and the electronic control system may not match the situation, coupled with an increase in the charging time, the battery may be overheated. If you encounter some circuits with insufficient resistance to temperature rise, it may cause some wiring to overheat, or even short circuit, etc.

The third kind, modified batteries basically used old batteries. Sometimes we will see after the repair shop placed everywhere with high prices for recycling used batteries, in fact, many of the recycled used batteries are directly used to refurbish or modify the expansion, and very few environmentally friendly recycling, old batteries plus controllers all modified down, repair shop owner happy bad, and for electric car owners, if you meet beyond the normal service life of the used batteries while carrying out impossible to control the modification. It can be said that the danger is doubled.

How can I identify a refurbished battery?

1、Check the anti-counterfeiting label.
2、Look at the outer packaging
3、Check the certificate of conformity and warranty card
4、If the battery casing is found to be uneven. Slight bulge, some second-hand battery shells after polishing, may cause the shell to thin, and even some with hand pressure there is a soft feeling, must pay attention to refurbished batteries!